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Raw materials for living spaces.


Consumer confidence is rising in 2015, and this is being reflected in 36% of all homes having an intention to remodel. Of these, 29% intend to remodel spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom, with an average expenditure of €1,300. The Alvic Group was founded in 1972, and it now has more that 100,000 square meters of production facilities and 14 Alvic Center locations throughout Spain. Of its €105 million in turnover, 70% corresponds to exporting.

Evolution in the way spaces are conceived by their users requires constant innovation and a firm commitment to creating finishes, hardware, and materials that allow for construction of inviting and functional homes.

Solutions for living

The materials that Alvic is producing today are the surfaces that will be seen tomorrow in the kitchens and bathrooms of millions of homes. Learning about the preferences of our customers first-hand has allowed us to introduce new elements for the end user without forgetting about our direct clients, the distributors.

Navegador Fingerpull by grupo alvic

When distributors are the clients

When your direct clients are distributors, the ability to show off your samples in the most effective manner becomes a top priority. This puts a great importance on image for a B2B company, and it is the basis for many other conclusions as well. If the distributor is the one with maximum ability to influence the end user, then determining the best way to take care of the distributer’s needs on a daily basis becomes essential for positioning.

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