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Five Mornings, Five Challenges


Daniel Rabaneda is a promising young talent in Spanish fashion. Praised by critics, he has been Spain’s representative for the International Woolmark Prize. He has also been a fixture at Madrid Fashion Week since 2011 and he is now beginning to launch his first collections.

The challenge of being both a creative genius and a successful businessman is that the designs require a high dose of art in order to sell, but without sales it is hard to continue creating. However, Rabaneda’s talent as a designer along with data showing an industry in full growth are creating a unique opportunity to achieve the stability any successful brand requires.

More than just a fashion

The forecast for 2018 shows a 26% increase in spending on fashion, reflecting an industry in clear growth where spending for women represents 48% of the total (versus 34% for men and 18% for kids).

These women are increasingly independent, working more, and very demanding when it comes to the clothes they buy. They see fashion as more than just a matter of personal taste, but also as a professional career tool where executive and semi-executive styles are a must.

“Fashion allows me to channel what I have inside, but a sustainable business model is also essential, since it must allow me to grow in order to continue creating”.

Daniel Rabaneda

The right balance

Establishing two complementary business models gives us the freedom to let each one respond to the specific needs of the profile to which it is targeted. The Rabaneda brand continues to create and innovate, with high-fashion positioning oriented towards a high-status profile. This means that there is a need for time and consistency to gain recognition.

In parallel, a new brand is also being created that is not linked to the Rabaneda image but that is still backed up by the designer’s talent. This is allowing his vision to reach more women by means of an affordable low-cost concept, oriented towards the working-girl profile that defines their daily life as well as her look.

5 mornings,
5 perfect days

To create this new brand we have tried to see the world through the eyes of this successful woman, who enjoys her femininity but who is never weak or fragile. Every morning, five days a week, she faces the challenge of getting dressed to reflect her own style, but adapted to the day’s agenda.

Five Mornings

The name selected was 5MORNINGS, with these five mornings representing the beginning of 5 opportunities. Making decisions on what to wear becomes an initial ritual that foretells all of the good things that the day will bring.

Shopping for a maxed out schedule

Offering this collection exclusively for online shopping has a primary objective: to minimize initial costs for a profile that represents almost 67% of all Internet-based purchases.

A website where real, natural, and fresh images predominate. Clothing can be selected based on types of days, by the weather, or by colors. Shoppers can access a working girls community where the site’s users can share combinations, outfits, and ideas.

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