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The anonymous heroes of home repair.


After Spain’s economic crisis preceded by the real estate bubble, the price of home insurance increased by more than 18% in 5 years, while more than 8.5 million homes lacked insurance, or 30% of the total. Up until then home repairs had been covered by these insurance policies and so the home was not usually seen as a direct source of expenses.

These days, however, we see a growing polarization in users: on one hand a profile representing a more conservative home that continues to pay annual home insurance premiums, versus a contrasting younger generation with other habits and priorities, where homes tend to have tighter budgets and greater needs for one-time repairs.

The collaborative economy

This new generation (and the one following it) has become used to taking care of hundreds of matters via the Internet. They are aware that the collaborative economy and its marketplaces can offer the efficiency of an online business along with prices adjusted to the market, and these have become their first option: Airbnb, Uber, or BlaBlaCar.

On the supplier’s side, there are thousands of professionals who lack the ability to effectively promote themselves on an individual basis. Evaluation of their work through collaborative opinions and reviews, along with real-time location and availability information, would therefore allow for significant savings of time and money for both parties.

A matter of identity

Fixheroes is the name chosen for this marketplace for urgent repairs, where proximity is the priority. A broken pipe, a power outage, or a clogged sink turns the person who can solve the problem into a hero, especially in the eyes of the person the problem is affecting. Being able to make the repair the same day may even allow superhero status to be achieved.

The pure lines representing a job well done and a graphic design nod in reference to the sector help to create an image of closeness and reliability, for a new public that speaks a new language.

4 data fields,
1 solution

In relation to the marketplace, the user only needs to enter information into 4 fields in order to receive a first list of professionals available to repair their small disaster. The fact that the website is oriented towards conversion from the very start, with an immediate response and a real-time location, means that an agreement can be reached in a matter of minutes.

Flexible professionals

The professional, on the other hand, has a specific mobile application that can be used to input his or her location, availability, and prices, as well as to answer questions or confirm an arrival time. Since payments can also be made through the platform, there are no misunderstandings or any need to handle cash or make change.

Finally, the user can rate the professional in terms of punctuality, service, attention, and resolution of the problem, with a database being created to provide a ranking of the professionals by specialty, area, and pricing.

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