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Take-away fresh guacamole

A deruralized society

Any business engaged in agrofood production is aware of the work that goes into producing, ripening, and packing fresh fruit and vegetables; from high dependence on harvests (and the corresponding imponderables) to the selection and filtering of individual pieces based on quality.

Society is becoming increasingly more urban and deruralized, and as an advertising agency we have to consider the question of whether the final consumer is able to recognize the amount of effort and handling that each piece of fruit requires.

The paradox of surplus

In this case, there occurs what we have called the paradox of surplus with regard to the production and ripening of tropical fruit such as Avocados and Mangos. This concerns the distribution of the whole fruit, where the product is perishable and any surplus represents a cost as unsold pieces are destroyed in order to get rid of them.

By forecasting surpluses, however, it was possible to turn the situation around. The solution was to manufacture, in parallel, a processed product that comes freshly packed and lengthens the shelf life of the raw material. Fresh guacamole, ready to be enjoyed by consumers, is a new business line that is experiencing continuous growth and achieving well-deserved prominence.

Guacamole and nachos

The Guacamole&Nachos pairing is distributed through supermarket chains and enjoys all the potential advantages for delighting the most diverse target audiences. It's a very versatile product and is the preferred choice of groups of friends when they meet up to watch a football game. But it's also a very tasty option for the vegan sector.

We also figured out that Guacamole, being a processed product, was perceived as having greater value than a whole Avocado in itself. This was despite the delicate nature of the fruit and the convenience of having it arrive intact at the end of the logistical process.

Foody & Healthy & Yummi

The extent to which the product was well received by the target audience, when distributed directly to homes, provided us with the perfect validation before it was launched on the street for final consumers. If it was bought en masse in supermarkets, why wouldn't it be bought in the restaurant industry? We would perhaps have to look beyond a purely communications and advertising strategy.

Guacamole has everything required for marketing professionals to make a superior concept from it. It can be used for dipping and eaten outside with no need for cutlery. It's healthy, vegetable-based, and tasty. And it has a legion of fans who say they're hooked on it.

Its short preparation time makes it ideal for lunch or supper, as a snack to be eaten quickly, either in the store where it's bought or walking along the street. It's also perfect as a takeaway meal for the office.

way of life

We still faced the challenge of transforming a tasty foodstuff into a much more personalized eating experience. Combining it with drinks would elevate it to the level of casual gourmet. And with the addition of different toppings and dips, we could turn the product into a staple base that no-one would tire of. This would increase the repeat rate and brand loyalty to the franchise stores and reduce the investment required for advertising.

Naming & packaging

No way were we having impossible brand names or founders' initials, like the big fast-food restaurant chains. When it came to the naming, we wanted to pay tribute to our star product and make it much easier to pronounce.

It features groundbreaking packaging that allows the product to be conserved and transported to wherever customers decide to consume it. It's reminiscent of the shape of an avocado (a few minutes ago, the guacamole was one) and allows our toppings and dips to share the same space without being moved about. Allowing the product to be eaten while strolling about, or traveling to the next appointment, makes the packaging a standard bearer for the brand, with the latter reaching as far as our customers go.

Web design and user experience

The online experience of the product also transmits the warmth of natural surroundings. The website design, distinct and uncluttered, contains large photos of the product and background settings as well as matte colors. The user experience is aimed at getting to know our products in a functional way, without sacrificing the brand's lifestyle.

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