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Hands up! & enjoy the beat.

“Hupclub is the Spotify of live electronic music. You can access thousands of live DJ sessions from around the world, from wherever you may be and totally free”

Johan Ohayon, Ceo of Hupclub

Each person dedicates an average of 25 hours per week listening to music. The market for electronic music has seen spectacular growth in recent years and now represents a $6.2 billion annual turnover. This is the only style of music that showed growth last year (about 8%), compared to falling numbers for styles such as pop or rock.

The profile of the average electronic music consumer is that of a young male, between 18 and 24 years old and with university studies. This is followed in terms of number of consumers by those aged 12-17, who represent the next generation ready to carry the flag of electronica.

Corporate identity

Hupclub is the name created for this electronic music streaming platform. The word is made up of Hup (a contraction of Hands+Up), in reference to the typical way of dancing with one’s hands in the air when the tempo and intensity of the music increases, joined with the word Club, which helps to contextualize the brand.

This is branding with its own sound, in neon colors and modern psychedelic lines in shades of blue and black, as we become immersed in the world that comes alive at night.

The right ambiance

At Hupclub users can enjoy any of the 4 options offered to them. The sessions start off with the visual interplay of colors, lights, and smoke and the best images of the available DJs.

A side navigation bar is where users can find everything related to their account, along with access to the free or premium options, special events, and a feature for hiring DJs.

Navegador Hupclub screenshot
Navegador Hupclub screenshot
Navegador Hupclub screenshot

Don’t miss out on the latest thing

Featured banners with the hottest events, recommendations based on the user’s own tastes, and the sessions that are currently being streamed. Personal profiles for the DJs allow you to track them as they travel and go on tour, while staying current with everything they are sharing with their followers.

An online temple of electronic music, where the sessions maintain their ephemeral nature while also being within the reach of thousands of viewers feeling the vibrations of every beat.

Enjoy it with no limitations.

Even when far from home and away from your friends, you can feel like you’re all together as if the weekend has finally arrived. Hupclub for mobile is the option for enjoying these sessions wherever you may be, with a simplified interface that allows electronic music to become part of your everyday experience.

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