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Language-learning tourism is a fundamental way to compensate for the seasonality of tourism at the international level. In Spain, more than 850,000 people visit the country for educational and language-learning purposes. These tourists contribute more than €2 million each year to Spain’s economy, with an average of €2,000 spent per person per stay. The average profile of these tourists is from 13-25 years old, with a majority (70%) being female. These visits always last for at least one week and the main source for booking is online.

Learning for everyone

We remain aware at all times that learning centers and academies are much more than just another service provider. To explain our project to them and encourage them to join our cause, we have created a micro-site exclusively for education centers.

“Talk&Trips is not a typical website where you go to sign up for your classes in a foreign country. There is also a focus on finding the best prices and providing access to academies not only in traditional destinations such as the United Kingdom, but also in more exotic locations like Thailand or Armenia”

Sofía Martín, a Talk&Trips user

Optimus Price

Optimus Price is the name we have given to our user-friendly artificial intelligence system that will provide the best prices depending upon whether it is high or low season, competition in the area, or the need to fill up a class. Academies can make use of Optimus Price to establish a market price that can then be varied based upon fluctuations in demand, but in a controlled manner that will not have a negative effect on the users.

Viva la vintage!

When travel first became a social phenomenon, it was done in a much more relaxed manner, without any objectives other then seeing new lands and understanding their cultures and their people. Language-learning travellers have something in common with that classic approach, seeking a non-tourism experience with a desire to feel like a part of the host country..

The result is a descriptive name like Talk&Trips, enhanced by the warmth of an image that evokes times gone by.

Don’t forget your wallet

We have based the online user interface on the one element you never want to become separated from when you are thousands of miles from home: your wallet. Using this common element you can gather in one place everything from essential travel documents to metro passes and theatre tickets. The wallet also guides your search and enrolment process, taking you to a pre-selected group of learning centers and academies. The images and feeling you find in those spaces will help you select the destination that will allow you to have a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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