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Send big files for free.

Faster Internet connection speeds for homes and businesses, an increase in the number of professionals working in the digital realm, and the growing size of files being generated on a daily basis have created the need to send large-sized files from one user to another, beyond the limits imposed by email servers.

A name that says it all

A unique domain name that makes us feel comfortable. We think that when something functions well, this means more than just complying with some technical criteria. When something works, it implies that the entire process flows in a natural manner for the user and when the process is completed, you may not even remember the steps that were followed.

Of course, the technical aspect is the foundation, which is why we have our own servers to support the traffic and store the files, and we offer up to 2 GB of file size for each delivery, completely free of charge.

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The best moment of the day

We know that the best moment of the day is when a job well done has been completed and it’s time to send the file. We have experienced this feeling ourselves, and that’s why we also know that nobody can fully relax until everything has been sent and received. The final confirmation allows you to feel at ease and ready to head for home.

Make it simple

The process the user follows is completely oriented towards simplifying the moment. The file can be uploaded by dragging and dropping, or else a browse button can be used to search for the file on your computer. Then just fill in the email addresses for the sender and recipient(s) along with an optional message. While you are completing these fields, your file is already being uploaded. Why waste time?

Always under control

While the file is being sent, we have created options to allow both the sender and recipient to remotely view the status of the upload. This allows both parties to know how much longer it will take before downloading can begin. Features like these will allow all of us to stay more organized.

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