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The global blacklist of twitter trolls.


Around 10% of all Internet users openly admit to being Trolls, and in many cases their level of dedication can be impressive: 11 hours per day on average. The classic profile of a Troll, who harasses or insults others for fun, has several points in common with the mental profile of a psychopath.

Staying safe

If the Internet is the medium where we spend most of our time, it makes sense to place a high value on the safety of users in this environment. When some of the experiences that we used to have offline have now become part of our online life (shopping, social relations, managing our homes, seeking recommendations, etc.), the feeling of being safe there becomes just as important as protecting ourselves physically.

“In both my personal life and when performing online management of brands, I use Trolldor to give me advance warning when I detect a problematic profile. Using the indicators and reports from other users, I can then react in a preventive manner.”

Martin Sorenson, trolldor user

The trolls

At first the arrival of social networks brought great excitement for everyone, but their massive popularity has now also led to high levels of noise, empty content, and conversations lacking in feeling. Although the term Troll has a very specific meaning, we have tried to expand this definition to encompass all users who make the Internet a less interesting, more irritating, and definitely less rewarding place to be.

Navegador trolldor
Navegador trolldor


We simplify the dynamics to provide transparency and the best participation possible for our users. Trolldor operates like a blacklist, where the accumulation of reports from other users is what will cause a user to be flagged as a Troll.

Each of these reports (whether anonymous or not), is labeled with one of several possible reasons: provocateur, idiot, retweeter/favoriter, insults/threats, fake identity, spam, or cyber-harasser.

trolldor.com trolldor

High impact

When this new tool was launched to the media, the reception it received was huge. The international announcement of the arrival of Trolldor took place with two different focuses, one for the general media (both online and offline), and another for media sources specialized in technology and startups.

In the first 5 days following its launch, we had a total of 30,000 unique visits, 90,000 page visits, and high-penetration media coverage. From national media sources in Spain such as ABC, La Vanguardia, or RNE (Spanish National Radio) to websites such as GenBeta, wwwhatsnew, Seetio, and ComputerHoy. The echo was also heard around the world, with analysis and features in media sources like Lifehacker, YCombinator, CNN, and CNET.

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